Friday, February 1, 2013

Be Positive

Has someone told you no lately? Perhaps an opportunity that you were hoping to come to fruition didn't. Whichever the case, there can be many obstacles to face in life. I was having a rough week, but I took a few minutes to consider how I could remain positive. Another relative died, my computer stopped working in the midst of trying to back up documents, and I'm still job hunting and running several ventures on the side. Did I mention that I'm a single parent, too? I don't know about yours, but there is no princess dress hanging in my closet!

Some days I used to wonder why I work so hard while getting overlooked, insulted, mistreated or ignored. The truth is that life doesn't always offer support through everyone whom we encounter. However, we can't flourish in the shade. The greatest challenge can be pushing forward toward the sun, no matter what. Your greatness will filter through if you persevere and don't let up. Keep hitting hard. Grow a thicker skin! Don't get stuck within the confining space of negative people or circumstances. Your time will come. Someone will notice your talents, skills and abilities. Oftentimes, we forget to acknowledge the little things that keep us going. Maybe a part-time job is better than none. Perhaps that big deal would've brought you unspeakable grief. Something better could be in the works. Thank God that your health is good enough to rise to your feet.

Journaling is a great way to provide tangible evidence that you're making progress in theory and thought. Have you tried it, if you haven't yet?

The Be Positives

Stop waiting for life to be perfect. It will never be.

Stop waiting for everyone to accept you that you feel should. They won't.

Don't let money define your worth. Do your best to make it and save it,
but realize that status can change in a moment.

Be original, creative, authentic and ethical. Your ideas are worth as much as someone else's.

Regard failure as an opportunity to learn and improve strategy.

Try to handle others carefully. You never know what burdens they quietly carry on their shoulders.

Regard a setback as a chance to come back.

Focus on what you can do today, not what didn't work out before.

Try your best in all you do daily. Never take a single opportunity for granted.
If you want to attract goodness, be a good person. Be as positive as you possibly can.

Regard yourself as someone who deserves happiness and the best life can offer.

Take proactive measures to attract what you want.

--Andrea Blackstone

Here is issue #3 of Grove Street. Be inspired to find out how others pushed to meet their goals.

Yep, I'm posting on the go from a mobile device. I hope the typos don't burn your eyes. :)