Friday, March 28, 2014

Author Merry Farmer stopped by with a message & a contest to enter. Romance is in the air!

Springtime of Love  

It's spring!  At last!  After the worse winter in my area that I can remember in my entire lifetime!  At last the weather is warming up, the birds are singing, and the world is turning green again.  I can't wait to see the flowers bloom again and bugs start buzzing around.  Okay, maybe I can wait for that.  I also can't wait to see the blossoming of love that always seems to happen in the spring.  I have a feeling it will be epic this year.   Have you ever noticed how so many more people seem to fall in love in the spring than during any other season?  I think it must have something to do with people as well as plants feeling the return of the sun and the flow of life through them again.  It makes perfect sense to me, considering how in ancient times spring was for celebrating fertility and reproduction.  It wasn't just the fields that were being plowed and sewn with seeds in the spring.  In fact, in a lot of ancient cultures, couples would go out into the fields after the seeds were sewn to both bless the potential crops and, of course, themselves by making love.  Now why is it that we've abandoned that practice?   Actually, I don't think it's been abandoned at all.  In fact, the coming of spring has always reminded me of young couples trying to get away with a little something-something by the light of the balmy moon.   Growing up, we lived across the street from a small public park and around the corner from a high school.  That high school was also a boarding school, and even though the boys and girls lived in separate dorms on opposite sides of the campus, they were allowed to go out for walks with each other.  Three guesses where they used to go.  The park across the street was the perfect destination for high school kids who wanted to be alone.   Granted, this was a different time and the kids that I knew back then were a lot more innocent than kids seem to be these days.  So before you start assuming that I heard all sorts of things I shouldn't through the open window of my bedroom (which faced the park), think again.  What I heard the most of was earnest teenage boys with guitars singing badly, and some not so badly, to the object of their desire.  It didn't matter how out of tune the guitar was or how few chords the boy in question knew how to play, I always wished that I was whatever girl was down there being serenaded.   Yep, springtime reminds me of young love and bad singing.  There's something about feeling those first warm evenings that makes any heart, even the heart of a grubby teenage boy, burst with song.  You can't keep the love inside when spring comes calling.  I was never very good in the real world of romance, but when the weather turned warmer, that's when I would scour the used book store for romance novels.  Then I would sit on my bed with the windows open, breathing in that fresh, clean spring air and listening to the sweet sounds of innocent love…while reading decidedly less innocent books.   But that's what spring is all about.  It's about awakening.  It's about loosening from the coldness of winter and embracing the new warmth.  I loved reading those romance novels as much as I loved listening to young couples singing in the park.  I think that's why I write romance now and why I find myself humming silly little love songs as the weather gets warmer.


In Your Arms is the third full-length novel in Merry Farmer's sweeping, engaging, and extremely historically accurate Montana Romance series. Never one to shy away from difficult or controversial topics while still imbuing her tales with more than a dash of romance and steam, Merry depicts a tale of love, trust, and stubborness against the backdrop of the turn-of-the-century American frontier. "[In Your Arms is] a book that intelligently tackles racial tensions of post-Civil War era...a highly engaging romance between two fiery-spirited individuals...I highly recommend this book to all fans of historical romance." --Mary Chen, Amazon reviewer Get In Your Arms on Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. Add In Your Arms to your Goodreads to-read shelf!

About In Your Arms

In Your Arms Merry FarmerLily Singer has never belonged. Taken from her tribe as a child and raised in a white man’s school, she no longer has a place in either world. Teaching has become her life. When that life is threatened by rumors and prejudice after a string of robberies, she must turn for help to the one man who spells disaster for her carefully ordered existence. Will he save her or steal her heart? Christian Avery, Justice of the Peace, is used to having things his way. Cold Springs is his responsibility, and when its citizens blame the local Indian population for the mysterious robberies, it’s up to him to restore order and maintain calm. The one person who refuses to follow his lead is the beautiful, native-born Lily. Her defiance turns his life upside down. But when town gossip shifts from robberies to romance after a foolish indiscretion, Lily’s job and reputation are on the line. She must choose between the only life she has ever known and the only place she has ever felt at home, in Christian’s arms.

About Merry Farmer

Merry Farmer Merry Farmer lives in suburban Philadelphia with her two cats, Butterfly and Torpedo. She has been writing since she was ten years old and realized one day that she didn't have to wait for the teacher to assign a creative writing project to write something. It was the best day of her life. She then went on to earn not one but two degrees in History so that she would always having something to write about. Today she walks along the cutting edge of Indie Publishing, writing Historical Romance and Women's Sci-Fi. She is also passionate about blogging, knitting, and cricket and is working towards becoming an internationally certified cricket scorer. Find Merry Farmer on her websiteFacebookTwitter, and Amazon Author Page.

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