Friday, December 14, 2012

What I'm thinking at 5:51 AM. The importance of customer service.

I was researching a potential story about a nameless place that serves food that is good for us. I took a look at Yelper's opinions. Many liked the food itself but complained about customer service and cleanliness. The marketer in me says, regardless if someone is selling a book, food or fly traps, customer service is essential. As consumers, we communicate through social networks online and in person. I now own a startup marketing company, after being booked as independent contractor. I worked on high-end campaigns from Remy Martin to Cadillac. Anyone who couldn't represent the client's brand with excellent customer service would risk getting hired or black listed by the marketing company. During many assignments, we had to deliver a small with brand messaging in heels, never being allowed to sit down for the duration of the day. Moonlighting as a spokesmodel helped me to fill in financial gaps, when writing life slowed, and HR people didn't select me. My adventure to learn all about branding and promotions is a long story, but it reminded me that there's no use in spending money and time marketing anything if a person can't meet the demand if consumers respond, and if customer service is poor. Impressions are lasting. I personally remember my experience with every author that I've ever met. Attitude is as important to me as what a person is selling. Well, enough typing on my phone this morning. May this Friday be good to you!