Friday, August 9, 2013

New teen release! House of Cars by Shelia E. Lipsey.


Fourteen year old high school freshman Nyl Person is the boy every freshman girl at Fairley High would like to call boyfriend. He is popular, cute and one of the leading players on the high school varsity basketball team. Sierra James with her thick locks of natural hair and the captain of the Fairley High cheerleading squad, is pretty, smart and the most popular girl in ninth grade, and she has a mission to make Nyl her boyfriend. Nyl likes her too and would jump at the chance to have Sierra as his girlfriend. But it isn't so easy for Nyl because he has a secret that no one at Fairley knows about which is Nyl, his little sister and his father have practically been living in the family Yukon since the death of his mom. What will happen if his secret comes out? What will he do? What about the girl he wants to make his girlfriend, Sierra James. Can she fall for a homeless boy when she practically lives in the lap of luxury?

Andrea: What gave you the idea to write House of Cars?

Shelia: I have wanted to write a teen book for some time now. I love children and I have always wanted to be a mentor to them in some way. I also wanted the story that I wrote to have some relevance, and not be another wild, crazy, nonsense type of story.

Andrea: Was it difficult transitioning to the teen genre?

Shelia: I must say it was indeed a challenge to transition to the teen genre. It tested my talent and intellect in an entirely different way. Writing House of Cars stretched me and my writing ability. I am definitely a better writer for having written it, at least that is my take on it. 

Andrea: What ages would this book be appropriate for?

Shelia: The target market for House of Cars is ages 12-16, although adult
beta readers also found it to be an enjoyable read. The protagnoist, Nyl Person, is fourteen years old in the story. I think it is a story that is an easy read but it has a powerful message because it addresses issues such as homelessness, bullying, peer pressure, just to touch on a few.

Andrea: Is the book meant to entertain or teach?

Shelia: I believe House of Cars delivers both. It is quite entertaining, yet it has a powerful message that teaches acceptance and brings realism to many social issues that people in general may find themselves part of.

Andrea: What is your writing process?

Shelia: My writing process? I simply write. I prefer writing at night, but that is not always the case. I can only tell you that I write day in and day out. I live and breathe writing, so I wouldn't say that I have a definitive time.