Saturday, November 16, 2013

Scientist & author Tallis Piaget intertwines messages for the African-American community, in his novel, 'Black Boogiemen.'

By day, Tallis Piaget works as an analytical protein biochemist. Additionally, the St. Louis based scientist authored 'Black Boogiemen,' which was released in 2011. His book addresses problems in the African-American community. I welcome Tallis to The Nook today.

Andrea: What is 'Black Boogiemen' about? What is the significance of the title?

Tallis: The book is about a group of men who form a covert group called the "Black Boogiemen". By attacking the economic structure, revamping the educational system, and removing the drug dealers/gang bangers, these "Black Boogiemen" convert the inner cities of American into Utopian Societies.

The title refers to the idea of the boogieman being ever present. Whether he is behind the bushes, under your bed, or inside of your closet, he is always watching. So everyone must be on there best behavior or the Black Boogiemen will come and get you.

Andrea: Is your book fictional? Who is your target audience?

Yes my book is fictional. Though I've received rave reviews from all walks of life, I guess my target audience is anyone that desires to read a book in which black America repairs their own social issues without begging for help from the government.

Andrea: How is the topic, sagging pants, tied into your book, 'Black Boogiemen?'

Tallis: One aspect of repairing a damaged neighborhood is instilling pride in the youth. Sagging pants represents a serious lack of pride. We must teach our boys that their appearance can help damage a neighborhood.  Sagging pants are also a gangsters uniform, so if a citizen wants to remove the gangsters from their neighborhood, they must eradicate all vestiges of the gangster's persona including the attire.  

Andrea: Have young readers shared feelings about sagging pants? If so, what have they shared?

Tallis: The view changes. Before reading my book the youth feel sagging pants is merely a fashion statement, and it doesn't hurt anyone. After reading my book, they all understand that showing their backsides in public is an embarrassment to themselves and their families. Most of my young readers not only changed their views, they also changed their dressing style. They now wear the pants around the waist as they are meant to be worn.

Andrea: Campaigns to pull pants up are being launched in various cities and towns. Do you feel that it's an effective solution to reach those who let their pants sag, or do you offer additional suggestions?

Tallis: The current campaigns are futile. They are attempting to force kids to pull their pants up without providing a reason. This will never work. Kids must be informed as to why their pants should be worn properly, otherwise they will rebel all other abrasive approaches.

Andrea: What motivated you to write 'Black Boogiemen?'

Tallis: My major motivation for writing "Black Boogiemen" was frustration.  I don't know about the rest of black America but I am fed up with our current state.  Tired of seeing us in last place at everything. Tired of watching black America wait for some savior. Tired of black America expecting the government to fix our social woes. Tired of such an exorbitant murder rate within our communities. Really tired of us perpetuating all of the negative stereotypes and basically keeping ourselves shackled. This book is a breath of fresh air. It presents a black American culture with power, honor, class, and a united culture. People need to hear about that, then maybe they will believe it possible.  

Andrea: What feedback and/or accolades have you received?

Tallis: Honestly, I only hear two things. Either, "This is the best book I've read," or "This is ONE of the best books I've read." My point, I have received nothing but amazing reviews. I guess the people really wanted to see black America under a new looking glass.

Andrea: What two suggestions would you give to young men about the importance of staying away from negative influences?

Tallis: Number one: Simply put, negative influences will choose a path for you.  You want to choose your own path.

Number two:  Negative influences will never allow you to become the great and powerful man you are meant to be. A man will never achieve his greatness following negative influences.

Andrea: Where can your book be purchased?,,

Your website and social media information:, blackboogiemen/facebook, Blackboogiemen/twitter