Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mother and daughter release a new book. Bully Me No More! An interview with the Daniels duo.

Bully Me No More was recently released in late December, and was authored by a daughter and mother duo. Please enjoy this fabulous joint interview with Damona and Allison!


Damona Daniels is a nine-year-old author. She attends Rosaryville Elementary School. Bully Me No More is her first book. She is a member of Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church, led by Pastors Daniel and Sabrina Mangrum.  She is a member of Fruit of the Spirit dance ministry and loves her church family.  

Allison G. Daniels, co-author of Bully Me No More, is President and CEO of ADG Enterprises, LLC.  She conducts workshops and seminars that have been presented through the United States and abroad. The workshops and seminars conducted by the institute consist of topics such as Women in Management, Women as Leaders, The Superwoman Syndrome, Leadership Skills, The Assertive Woman, Diversity and Emotional Wellness for Women. Mrs. Daniels has been certified by The Professional Women Network as a Professional Coach and Diversity Consultant.

Andrea: Why did you publish your first book?

Damona: The reason why I wanted to write this book was to help empower and motivate other kids to know that bullying is wrong. It was written to help to bring awareness to bullying and help assist others in how they communicate with each another. It teaches children how to stand their ground and speak up because bullying is wrong.

Andrea: What are your books about?

Allison: Life Goes On How To Maintain Your Faith Through Adversity is a dynamic, step-by-step guide offering powerful tips, strategies, and tools for overcoming your past hurts, surviving motional setbacks, and handling your emotions.  Take back your life, and learn to live again.

However, this book is an interactive book about bullying.  This book will teach you how to handle bullying, facing the bully with confidence, build your confidence to stand your ground and help others.

Andrea: Has bullying ever been a problem? If so, how did either of you handle it?

Allison: Yes, I experience bullying growing up but it was a boy who kept trying to bully me because he liked me.  But when I stood up to him,  I never had a problem again. He kept his distance, although he still had a crush on me, and followed me home and to school everyday.

Damona: Yes. One day I decided to stand up for myself and faced my bully and just said 'bully me no more, I'm not afraid.'

Andrea: Whose idea was it to publish 'Bully Me No More?'  How long is the book? What ages is it for? Did you help your daughter to write it?

Allison: This book is 80 pages long. It is aimed at ages 8 and up. I helped her (Damona) with very little, because this book is written from her heart. It was something that she wanted to share with other kids because it happened to her and she didn't want to see it happen to someone else.

 Andrea: Where can 'Bully Me No More' be purchased?

Click this Amazon link, on Kindle and my website at