Sunday, April 13, 2014

A recent Morgan State graduate released Mr. Illustrious. Meet Christian Smooth.

2013 Morgan State graduate, Christian Smooth, volunteered at the Annapolis Film Festival. His book, Mr. Illustrious, was released February 20, 2014. He is the Executive Producer of two web-series. The Student Body is described as a semi-anthology web series that parodies life at HBCUs. He also produces Speaks. Christian Smooth was born and raised in Annapolis, MD.

GS: Today we’re speaking with Christian Smooth about his new release, Mr. Illustrious. Where did you get the idea for the book?

CS: The story came about when I was going to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. A girl asked me to write a sexy story, and I started writing Mr. Illustrious.

GS: So it was because someone asked you to write a short story?

CS: Yes. It was like a commission, pretty much.

GS: After that, what made you feel like you wanted to write the whole book? Can you give a synopsis of what Mr. Illustrious is about?

CS: I liked the character so much, I wanted to write some more stories about a college freshman who loses his college scholarship and becomes a man whore in order to pay for his college tuition.

GS: That sounds spicy. You told me you that you attended Morgan State University. Tell me more about your background.

CS: My background is in film and television writing. I went to Morgan. I was the only Screen Writing and Animation major to graduate. I also ran cross-country. I created a web series called ‘The Student Body’ about a HBCU. Since I’m back in Annapolis (not for long I hope), I decided to create a new web series called ‘Speaks.’ I interview people around the city and have them talk to me about whatever they would like. I believe that everyone is interesting to some type of degree, and I want the world to know what these everyday people are doing. I also hope to get a few narrative projects off of the ground. I have so many ideas, it’s not even funny.

GS: In two lines or less, how would you describe your book?

CS: Fun and whimsical.

GS: Great answer. Where is the book available?

CS: It’s available on Amazon, Kindle, and on my website,

GS: What is your contact information?

CS:  You can find me on Twitter @SIR_ILLUSTRIOUS. You can type in Christian Smooth on Facebook. I’ll pop right up. You can also find Mr. Illustrious on Instagram @smoozus.

Episodes of the Student Body are available on YouTube. You can find various productions at  Christian Smooth will also be working on a semi sequel to Mr. Illustrious, which he hopes to release next fall.

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