Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taking time to cultivate industry relationships.

Some authors forget to take time to cultivate relationships. Exhibiting people skills helps in brand building in any business, and yes, writing is a business. With the flood of new authors penning books, it's not a bad idea to slow down long enough to indulge in a bit of etiquette. For instance, many authors post links to their books on social networking sites like Facebook. Have they bothered to nurture the online relationship of first? Over time I've encountered many authors who treat others differently, depending on the name attached to the interaction. That's a dangerous position to take in an ever changing industry. The blogger who was once ignored could end up being a key media contact. The individual who worked for publisher X may not work there two years from now.

Consider Michael Baisden's recent announcement that his radio show won't be continued where he'd been for so long. Even an icon like him must start anew. Undoubtedly, he is an author who achieved remarkable things. However, even he wasn't immune to having the plug pulled. While thinking big, we must respect others who invest time and interest in what we're doing, even if we're highly successful at that moment.

Authors should consider that it's simply not good karma to appear ungrateful to anyone who attempts to reach out an help us in any way. We may meet them again in another forum. Why not try our best to let a positive, grateful attitude do the talking? People don't have to help us in life. Doing so is a choice. Those with manners stand out and position themselves to leave lasting impressions.