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 Saundra E. Harris is a multi-talented writer and radio personality. GET 'N' THE KNOW (GITK) with Saundra is her newest endeavor. The Maryland-based author stopped by the blog to share how she built a platform on radio, while discovering a new talent, during her literary journey. Saundra is the author of The Party and The After Party.

Andrea: Please tell us who you are and what you do?

Saundra: I am an author, relationship advice columnist for the Baltimore Examiner and a featured internet radio show host on Blog Talk Radio. I guess you can say, I do it all, or figure out how to get it done.

Andrea: Do you feel that writing helped to groom you for hosting your radio show?

Saundra: Writing helped me to understand myself and it opened me up to showing me that I loved the idea of sharing my thoughts and ideas, while engaging with others by sharing information.

Andrea: I know that this isn't your first radio show. Why did you decide to launch Get'N'The Know? When did you do it?

Saundra: My first show, SITUATIONS WITH SASSY, aired on Blog Talk Radio from 2007 until 2012, when I went on hiatus and decided to revamp or rather rebrand myself. I started GITK in January of 2013.

Andrea: What kind of topics do you cover?

Saundra: Situations with Sassy focused solely on relationships, whereas Get 'N' The Know focuses on everything from finances, health, wellness, relationships, fashion, and beauty. I wanted to help women, so the majority of my topics deal with everything that is important to women--family, finances, fashion, faith.

Andrea: What is your goal for your new show?

Saundra: The motto of the show is 'sharing what women want to know but are too afraid to ask.' I ultimately wish to monetize the show with sponsors and advertising and move it from Blog Talk Radio to mainstream. An independent station in Arizona has shown interest. However, the catch is to bring my ads/sponsors with me.

Additionally, I offer those who do not wish to host a show weekly, an opportunity to purchase radio time as a host, for a nominal fee. They get the entire hour. I would log in and control the switchboard and open up the phone lines for individuals.

Andrea: I know that you're very honest about your opinions. Do you think a host should ever be concerned about what their listeners may think about what they say?

Saundra: Absolutely! I try to be conscious of what I say and how I say it, especially since I am trying to rebrand myself, the show, and the image. I preface a statement. Then, I summarize the statement I just made, because I know how easy people can become offended.

Andrea: Do books play a major role in your new venture?

Saundra: Yes. The majority of guest have either written a book or are in the process of writing a book, but that is not a prerequisite for being a guest.

Andrea: I know that you're very committed to your radio program. What are two things that you have learned from running your own show? Have you found the experience to be difficult?

Saundra: Get 'N' The Know with Saundra is a FEATURED show on Blog Talk Radio, meaning that I am guaranteed at least 5k impressions of my show per week, which increases downloads. The show is doing well. I notice that some topics engage more listeners than others, which is recognized in downloads. The show averages over 1k per show.

I am extremely committed to my show. In fact, I have to plan my activities around the show. I am doing this because I love it, and I believe if I am doing what I love the opportunities and success will come. The most difficult experience is having a guest cancel at the last minute, and then I don't have a back up. When I first started I was literally talking to myself for one hour, and that was daunting. Now, I do my research not only on the guest, but on the topic. If a guest is a no show, I can talk on the subject with a comfortable amount of knowledge for the listeners.

Andrea: Do you get feedback from listeners? If so, what are they saying?

Saundra: The feedback that I have gotten has been positive, but that is mostly via Twitter and Facebook, not so much via Blog Talk Radio talk radio or my website.

Andrea: Can listeners listen in from any location, and also on both devices and computers?

Saundra: The show is accessible online via blog talk radio, my blog, or iTunes. Blog Talk Radio has archived all of my shows from the beginning and they can be downloaded for free. We have listeners in Canada, Europe, the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, and Figi! We have an interactive chat room as well as a call in line for listeners to call in and share their thoughts and/or opinions.

Andrea: Where can readers keep up with show details, you, and what time and day does the show air?

Saundra: The show airs on Saturdays at 1pm eastern, 12pm central, 11am mountain, and 10am pacific time. The show's website is The number to call in is 917.889.2273.

Listeners can keep up with the show via the website , my Twitter pages @sassyscribe @shemediagroup, and on our Facebook page

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I am always seeking show topics and subject matter experts. Inquiries regarding being a guest, co-host, advertiser and/or sponsor can be emailed to

Andrea: Thanks for stopping by, Saundra. I appreciate that you're keeping us informed. I wish you continued success.