Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fabulous readers of the day! The Divas of the Serengeti Book Club stop by The Nook!

                       The Divas of the Serengeti Book Club 

                        President: Tasha Smith

I asked Tasha some questions about The Divas. Enjoy learning more about these fabulous readers.

The Divas of the Serengeti Book Club (Nashville Chapter) was founded in late 2011. Our first official meeting was held October, 2012.  We do have a second chapter in Maryland.  We have 10 divas at the present time in our Nashville Chapter, but we are always looking for new members that will fit well with the divas.

What does the book club's name mean? The name came from our obsession with the Serengeti Desert.  We all choose an animal name and chose an adjective that describes us. For example, I am Elite Lioness.

We meet once a month either at the host's home or a restaurant. We discuss the monthly books. Discussion questions may be listed in the book, or I email the author directly and ask for 5 -10 questions to discuss.  We also have trivia questions on the book's content. Based on the questions, we give away prizes, such as books, trinkets or jewelry.

The Maryland chapter has about 8 to 10 members. They were established earlier this year with their first meeting taking place in July, 2013. The president of that chapter is my sister, Kenya.

I think our favorite book is "Addicted" by Zane.  We don't have a particular favorite genre, because we read everything from paranormal to urban and street fiction with romance mixed in. At the present time our monthly read (November) is "Lyon on a Leash" by Erosa Knowles.  We are also reading  "Bad Habits" by Sienna Mynx, "The Masseause" by Violette Dubrinsky,  "47" by Walter Mosely, "A Madaris Bride for Christmas" by Brenda Jackson, "Fly Betty" by Treasure Blue, "Beyond the Breaking Point" by Zena Wynn and a host of other books.

We connect with authors by attending conferences that are within a few hours of Nashville.

The Divas can be reached via Facebook at and Twitter at @DivasSerengeti.  We can also be reached by email at

As an author, I truly appreciate how supportive book clubs are. Tasha Smith, I want to personally thank you and The Divas for helping to keep the literary arts alive.