Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Have you heard about The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate? Kim Hunt Harris stops by The Nook to share news of her recent mystery/comedy.

Kim Hunt Harris is an author from Texas. Enjoy her chat about The Trailer Park Princess and the Middle Finger of Fate.

                             Genre: Mystery/Comedy

                              Release date: 9/21/13

Andrea: What inspired you to write your first book?

Kim: I've always been a writer, since before I could even write, really. My plan was always to make a living as a writer. Actually, my plan was to be at the top of the NYT list, be stinking rich by now, living in a rambling house with a writing studio overlooking a scenic body of water and mountains in the near distance. Right now I'm working on Plan B: Make a living as a writer.

Andrea: Who is the protangonist? How would you describe him or her?

Kim: Salem Grimes is a hot mess. She's in her late twenties, a recovering alcoholic, a new Christian, trying to undo some of the damage she's done in her life, working the 12 steps and trying to clean up her act. Middle Finger of Fate sees her confronting some of the biggies -- betrayed best friends, an ex-husband, and a nagging sense that she's missing out on something in her newfound faith.  Andrea: In two lines or less, please share with with readers why they should purchase your book. Kim: Because it's funny! Despite all the intense situations, Salem is a blast and when she gets around her octogenarian friend Viv, hilarity inevitably ensues.  Andrea: How long did it take you to complete the story? Was the writing process how you imagined it to be? Kim: I don't even want to talk about this. I started this book probably 8 years ago. I wrote it, it was draggy and kind of muddled. I put it away. I got it back out. I put it away again. I wrote other things. But this book kept calling me, so I finally got it back out, asked for help from some fabulous writer friends and editors, and at the risk of sounding very immodest I must say -- I'm thrilled with the results. This is not my first book, so I'm fairly familiar with my own writing process by now, which is basically: it's always harder than I thought it would be. It always takes longer than I thought it would. And I'm always so gratified with the results.

 Synopsis: Tony Solis has been accused of murder, and Salem Grimes just might be his last, best hope. But Lord have mercy on anyone who has Salem for their last hope, because that girl is a piping hot mess and always has been. Everyone knows that, including Salem. But Salem is trying. She quit drinking, and even started praying. Maybe if she can prove Tony's innocence and find the real killer, it would balance out some of the mistakes she's made in her past -- a past that includes betrayed best friends now bent on vengeance, ex-crushes who were supposed to be old and fat by now, and an ex-husband who might, possibly, not be an ex after all. If Salem can catch a break from reaping all the wild seeds she's sown, she might have a chance to redeem herself. Then again, maybe she should just settle for being a piping hot mess.

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