Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rev. Al Sharpton's book was released today. News from The Book Nook Wire. An audio clip link and exclusive pictures inside.

 Rev. Al Sharpton

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If you've stopped by our book nook before, you know that I share news about books of all genres. I briefly mentioned The Rejected Stone: Al Sharpton And The Path To American Leadership in my recap of The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc.'s 43rd Annual Legislative Conference. I first spotted Rev. Al Sharpton there, while interviewing former Mayor of New York, David Dinkins, about his book. I took these photos and may post audio clips on my forthcoming website that is under construction.

The word is that Rev. Al Sharpton will also be signing his new title in various cities, including DC and Baltimore. Surprisingly, his publisher is Cash Money Content. This partnership may officially dispel assumptions that Cash Money Content will only be publishing street fiction or related genres.

So, what is The Rejected Stone about?

Click this link to visit Amazon or listen to this audio clip to hear an excerpt read by the author.

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